The winery

Our winery has grown slowly. From its beginnings in a garage it has become an full-functioning winery which allows us to carry on micro-vinification and blends to better valorize the quality of our grapes.

In 2017 we expanded the surface dedicated to both processing and wine ageing, to finally reach our maximum potential. We exploit the force of gravity in order to move the bulk wine from the fermentation area to the storage area.

The ageing occurs in two different cellars: one is dedicated to barriques and tonneaux, and then there is the big cellar room, underneath the master house, which contains the most important wines.

In our processes we limit the use of sulphites. Every year we start new experiments with the Oenology departments of the Universities of Milan and Conegliano (Padua).

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Tasting in the winery. Discover the flavors of our wines:

Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG, Valpolicella DOCG, Garganega IGT, Magò Spumante Brut Rosé BIO,  Valpolicella Ripasso DOC BIO

Live an experience of taste and smell, savoring our organic wines, and take a tour of the estate and the ancient barrel winery.

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